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SAT Test Dates & Registration Info

SAT Test Dates & Deadlines

SAT Test Date

Regular Deadline, Deadline with fee waiver

SAT Scores Available

August 28, 2021


October 2, 2021


November 6, 2021


December 4, 2021


March 12, 2022


May 7, 2022


June 4, 2022



  • Click here for complete directions on registering for the SAT or ACT
  • Request a fee waiver from your college counselor
  • Create an account on www.collegeboard.org
  • Register for the test!
  • Free SAT Prep available at www.khanacademy.org
  • When prompted, link your SAT and Khan Academy accounts
  • Do not forget to “send your scores” to all the colleges you apply to. It must be done on this website.
  • SAT Help Line: 1-866-756-7346