William AllenHigh School

Dual Enrollment Program

Click here for the 2016-2017 ASD Dual Enrollment Guide: English Spanish

The dual enrollment program in the Collegiate High Pathway to Success provides students with opportunities to take college course offerings from both Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) and Penn State University. Students are simultaneously enrolled at both their home high school and either LCCC or Penn State. Tuition will be paid by the ASD for students taking dual enrollment courses through LCCC. Tuition would be paid by students taking dual enrollment offerings to PennState. The benefits for students successfully completing dual enrollment courses include:

  • Students are able to receive college credit while in high school at no cost, saving students and parents significant tuition costs before attending college.
  • High school students are able to experience the dynamics of a college classroom before actually entering college.
  • Students easily transition from high school to college with a working knowledge of what to expect.
  • Successful completion of dual enrollment courses can shorten the time to college degree completion.
  • College credit is earned at the same time as high school credit.
  • Helps students narrow down their career interests by giving them the chance to explore a variety of fields at the college level.