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Allentown Academy of the Arts to Host Art Auction

Allentown Academy of the Arts to Host Art Auction
Posted on 10/29/2018
WAHS Students and Art Teacher Shari Kaucher on WFMZ's Morning Show: Watch now!

Join the Allentown Arts Academy at William Allen High School on November 16 at the semi-annual 8 x 8 art auction. Stop by the Allentown Public Library between 4:30 and 6:30 pm to bid on works from William Allen’s students, alumni, faculty and local community artists throughout the Lehigh Valley. View works from local artists including: John Gaydos, Shari Kaucher, Jon Roylance, Ann Lalik, Bob McFetridge, Mike Sincavage, Bill Bosler, Hub Willson, Margaret DeCook, Amanda Pulham, Lee Butz, Claire Marcus, Sylvia Roth, Rosemary Geseck and more.

Bids start at $25 for student work and $50 for professional work.  Each piece of art has a “buy now” price for those with limited time. 

Proceeds of the sale of artwork will be used to purchase computers for the digital computer lab at William Allen High School. The Allentown Academy of the Arts (AAA) is dedicated to providing high school students with opportunities to grow and develop through a high quality, comprehensive and integrated education in music, theatre, dance, and the visual arts. We are committed to furthering our students’ academic abilities and creative and performing talents while preparing them to pursue their interests in life, college or career.

AAA believes that the arts constitute one of the five fundamental components of basic education, along with language, mathematics, natural sciences, and social studies. We also believe that strong arts programs are an essential part of every school system and that arts programs within the school should be suited to the needs of the students. AAA believes that high school students who have a strong interest and potential for success in the arts must be identified and provided an opportunity for artistic growth.

Artistic young people have special needs and abilities and the Academy at Allen provides opportunities for students to develop their talents through intense study in their artistic disciplines. They will also be taught to evaluate, analyze, and interpret their art form through studies in technique, creative expression, and craftsmanship. Students are afforded opportunities that serve as a vehicle for self-expression, artistic growth, and pre-professional training. These motivated students are provided artistic exposure to all fine arts areas to advance their knowledge and appreciation for all art forms. This level of specialized training provides students with an advantage in post-secondary arts studies; essential socialization, organizational, and leadership skills; and a strong advantage in work-related, college, and scholarship opportunities in addition to enhancing their enjoyment of the arts throughout their lives.

For more information contact: 

Joan Gaydos at [email protected] 
Shari Kaucher at [email protected]

Visit the Academy’s Facebook page – Allen Academy of the Arts Alliance