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Student & Family District Handbook

Need to get a message to your guidance counselor??? 
    Scroll down this page to find your counselor's email address or call the Guidance 
    Office at 484-765-5003.

***Learn more about the Emerging Health program for 11th graders!
    -Applications usually due in January of your 11th grade year.    
     -Click here for more info. 

All counselors have a Google Classroom. If you did not receive an invitation to their classroom, email your counselor for the code. All guidance announcements will be sent through Google Classroom. There is also a separate College & Career Center Google Classroom for announcements related to college.

-Mental Health Resource Guide:  https://www.pa.gov/guides/mental-health/
-Valley Youth House Resource Guide:  click here
-LVHN Resources:  click here
-St. Luke's Resources:  click here

*To request an SAT or ACT fee waiver, email Mrs. Duggan at [email protected] 
**To request a transcript release form, contact your individual guidance counselor.

How to access student email: click here
*All passwords are reset to Canaries#1 at the beginning of each year. You will put this in as your old password then you will be prompted to create your new password.
*All student email addresses that can be used in conjunction with google classroom are active (ex: ID#@allentownsd.org).
*How to log-in from CLEVER on the ASD website: click here

Enrollment Information:

Emotional Support Information- click here

KidsPeace FREE Assessments- click here

Helpful resources for parents: 
1) https://www.wholechildcounseling.com/post/how-a-small-decision-can-turn-your-life-around?fbclid=IwAR1GAaIwrDp7gUz68nzFJRqAmiSNgQPmGoQLdMv-oHyaIiKhROKKQ1Zg1IY 
2) https://www.nctsn.org/
3) https://www.healthychildren.org/English/Pages/default.aspx


Elective sheet front,   elective sheet back

LCTI Application, pdf

LCTI Academic Center Application

Get an early start with EARLY COLLEGE at LCCC....
Apply to LCCC - Be sure to complete application for “Dual Enrollment High School Students. See your counselor with questions.

List of Community Services for Virtual Learning

SUMMER COLLEGE & CAREER PROGRAMS for after 11th grade:
1) PA American Legion (Keystone Boys State, Girls State, State Police Youth Week)

2022-2023 Counselor Assignments

A to L   (Grade 9)
Mr. Ken Kuhns
Ninth Grade Center
484-765-5258  [email protected] 

M to Z     (Grade 9)
Counselor – Mrs. Tania Brannon           
Ninth Grade Center
484-765-5260  [email protected] 

A to Chat (Grades 10-12)
Mrs. Vanessa VanNorman  
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5256  [email protected] 

Chav to Fo (Grades 10-12)
Mrs. Allison Hausman   
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5273  [email protected] 

Fr to Loo    (Grades 10-12)
Mrs. Kristin Mosser
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5257  [email protected] 

Lop to Ortega    (Grades 10-12)
Mrs. Dawn Tehonica
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5252   [email protected]

Ortiz to Rodriguez-L    (Grades 10-12)
Counselor – Mrs. Liayn Morris              
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5265  [email protected] 

Rodriguez-M to Var    (Grades 10-12)
Counselor – Mr. Craig Borrell
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5255   [email protected] 

Vas to Z      (Grades 10-12)
Counselor – Mr. Craig Smith
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5266   [email protected] 

College & Career Counselor     (Grades 9-12)

Mrs. Rina Duggan
Room: WAHS Library/Career Center
484-765-5272  [email protected]

Administrative Assistants

A to F   (Grades 9-12)
Ms. Barbara Blyden
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5261   [email protected] 

G to M   (Grades 9-12)
Ms. Aida Flaquer
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5259    [email protected]

N to S   (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Ann Phillips
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5254   [email protected] 

T to Z   (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Iddis Sanchez
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5264   [email protected]