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PAID APPRENTICESHIP!!!! doc 1, doc 2

Graduation Letter for Parents,
Carte de graduacion de junio 2021

GirlCon 2021 STEM Conference

outh Leadership Empowerment Achievement Development: apply here
   more info at https://www.volunteerlv.org/y-LEAD

UPCOMING SENIORS...Apply by June 4th for a PAID INTERNSHIP with the City of Allentown!

information here
--LCCC will be available at grad practice on June 15th, 6PM to help anyone that still needs to apply, register for classes or any questions!

Last chance for seniors to complete their FAFSA here!

The FE PROGRAM application is here!

11th GRADERS......See below for information on a great opportunity this summer.  Participating in the LEAD program is also a way to help you stand out when applying to colleges next year. Contact Mrs. Duggan at DugganR@allentownsd.org if you are interested in applying.  She will provide you with an application fee waiver.  All applications are due by Thursday, April 8th to be sure that you submitted everything appropriately. Hard deadline is the 15th.
Lehigh University LEAD Summer Business Opportunity:  In collaboration with the Lehigh University, The Summer Business Institute (SBI) program is LEAD’s longest running Summer Institute and is considered the “flagship” program. The SBI program exposes scholars to business principles and the skill sets needed for successful business careers. The program challenges them through applied learning experiences often facilitated by college professors, links scholars to corporate executives in business fields and peers with similar aspirations and abilities. During LEAD SBIs, scholars reside and attend classes on-campus at a select number of the nation’s top business schools for two or three weeks. SBIs provide diverse, high achieving, rising high school seniors the opportunity to explore finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, and marketing, among other business sectors.
LEAD (tentatively June 21 - July 9)
- Interested in studying Business in college.
- Currently enrolled in 11th Grade for 2020-2021 school year.
- GPA = 3.0 +
- Students showing proficiency in Algebra 2, interested in PreCalc or higher for 12th grade year.
- Willingness to participate in the 3-week summer program at Lehigh University.
You can also find out more information on the LEAD program at https://www.leadprogram.org/.

10th Graders.... Princeton AI4ALL is a
 virtual camp, which will run for 3 weeks, from July 11th - July 30th, 2021. For more information, including how and when to apply, please go to: ai4all.princeton.edu/apply.

Link for Google Course Request Form (all students please complete)


Elective sheet front,   elective sheet back

Link to LCTI Application: 

Link to LCTI Academic Center Application

Get an early start with EARLY COLLEGE at LCCC....
Apply to LCCC - Be sure to complete application for “Dual Enrollment High School Students. See your counselor with questions.

Learn more about the Emerging Health program for 11th graders!
SENIOR Slide Show 2020:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1p3qX2fB3hatYcLRAD1V7vhqsHWrfTmYvHYgfNlyUmn8/edit#slide=id.p

List of Community Services for Virtual Learning



MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCE GUIDE:  https://www.pa.gov/guides/mental-health/

Every student should be receiving an invite to their guidance counselor's Google Classroom. All seniors will also receive an invite to the College & Career Center Google Classroom.  If you do not receive an invite for some reason, the codes for 2020-21 are attached here.

*To request an SAT or ACT fee waiver, email Mrs. Duggan at dugganr@allentownsd.org. 
**To request a transcript release form, contact your individual guidance counselor.

How to access student email: click here
*All passwords were reset to Canaries#1. You will put this in as your old password then you will be prompted to create your new password.
*All student email addresses that can be used in conjunction with google classroom are active (ex: ID#@allentownsd.org).

How to log-in from CLEVER on the ASD website: click here

Enrollment Information:

Continuity of Education Plan- click here

Emotional Support Information- click here

KidsPeace FREE Assessments- click here

Helpful resources for parents: 
1) https://www.wholechildcounseling.com/post/how-a-small-decision-can-turn-your-life-around?fbclid=IwAR1GAaIwrDp7gUz68nzFJRqAmiSNgQPmGoQLdMv-oHyaIiKhROKKQ1Zg1IY 
2) https://www.nctsn.org/
3) https://www.healthychildren.org/English/Pages/default.aspx

2020-2021 Counselor Assignments

A to Cac   (Grades 9-12)
Mr. Ken Kuhns
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5258  kuhnsk@allentownsd.org 

Cad to Do (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Vanessa VanNorman  
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5256  vannormanv@allentownsd.org 

Dr to Ha (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Allison Hausman   
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5273  hausmana@allentownsd.org 

Hb to Man    (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Kristin Mosser
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5257  mosserk@allentownsd.org 

Mao to N    (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Dawn Tehonica
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5252   tehonicad@allentownsd.org

O to Re     (Grades 9-12)
Counselor – Mrs. Brooke Dietrick          
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5260  dietrickb@allentownsd.org 

Ri to Santana    (Grades 9-12)
Counselor – Mrs. Liayn Morris              
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5265  morrisl@allentownsd.org 

Santander to Va    (Grades 9-12)
Counselor – Mr. Craig Borrell
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5255   borrellc@allentownsd.org 

Vb to Z      (Grades 9-12)
Counselor – Mr. Craig Smith
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5266   smithcr@allentownsd.org 

College & Career Counselor     (Grades 9-12)

Mrs. Rina Duggan
Room: WAHS Library/Career Center
484-765-5272  dugganr@allentownsd.org

Administrative Assistants

A to F   (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Joyce Zambrana
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5261   zambranaj@allentownsd.org 

G to M   (Grades 9-12)
Ms. Jeilynn Garcia
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5259    garciaje@allentownsd.org

N to S   (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Ann Phillips
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5254   phillipsa@allentownsd.org 

T to Z   (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Sue Hersh
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5264   hershs@allentownsd.org