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Student & Family District Handbook

Need to get a message to your guidance counselor??? 
    Scroll down this page to find your counselor's email address or call the Guidance 
    Office at 484-765-5003.

SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT:  May 22nd, 6PM, Auditorium

(Due 4/21/23)
  -Pick up an application in the Guidance Office or College & Career Center

Want more info about the EARLY COLLEGE PROGRAM???? This is the program where you can get colleges courses during high school. Join this Zoom session on MARCH 21st at 5PM.

***Want to get a head start on college credits? Join us for an upcoming virtual 
Dual Enrollment Information Session where our High School Connections Specialists will talk about the benefits of dual enrollment and what you need to do to get started. This event lasts approximately 30 minutes.
Registration is open at:

*Learn more about the Emerging Health program for 11th graders!
    -Applications usually due in January of your 11th grade year.    
     -Click here for more info. 

All counselors have a Google Classroom. If you did not receive an invitation to their classroom, email your counselor for the code. All guidance announcements will be sent through Google Classroom. There is also a separate College & Career Center Google Classroom for announcements related to college.

-Mental Health Resource Guide:  https://www.pa.gov/guides/mental-health/
-Valley Youth House Resource Guide:  click here
-LVHN Resources:  click here
-St. Luke's Resources:  click here

*To request an SAT or ACT fee waiver, email Mrs. Duggan at [email protected]
**To request a transcript release form, contact your individual guidance counselor.

How to access student email: click here
*All passwords are reset to Canaries#1 at the beginning of each year. You will put this in as your old password then you will be prompted to create your new password.
*All student email addresses that can be used in conjunction with google classroom are active (ex: ID#@allentownsd.org).
*How to log-in from CLEVER on the ASD website: click here

Enrollment Information:

Emotional Support Information- click here

KidsPeace FREE Assessments- click here

Helpful resources for parents: 
1) https://www.wholechildcounseling.com/post/how-a-small-decision-can-turn-your-life-around?fbclid=IwAR1GAaIwrDp7gUz68nzFJRqAmiSNgQPmGoQLdMv-oHyaIiKhROKKQ1Zg1IY 
2) https://www.nctsn.org/
3) https://www.healthychildren.org/English/Pages/default.aspx


Elective sheet front,   elective sheet back

LCTI Application, pdf

LCTI Academic Center Application

Get an early start with EARLY COLLEGE at LCCC....
Apply to LCCC - Be sure to complete application for “Dual Enrollment High School Students. See your counselor with questions.

List of Community Services for Virtual Learning

SUMMER COLLEGE & CAREER PROGRAMS for after 11th grade:
1) PA American Legion (Keystone Boys State, Girls State, State Police Youth Week)

2022-2023 Counselor Assignments

A to L   (Grade 9)
Mr. Ken Kuhns
Ninth Grade Center
484-765-5258  [email protected] 

M to Z     (Grade 9)
Counselor – Mrs. Tania Brannon           
Ninth Grade Center
484-765-5260  [email protected] 

A to Chat (Grades 10-12)
Mrs. Vanessa VanNorman  
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5256  [email protected] 

Chav to Fo (Grades 10-12)
Mrs. Allison Hausman   
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5273  [email protected] 

Fr to Loo    (Grades 10-12)
Mrs. Kristin Mosser
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5257  [email protected] 

Lop to Ortega    (Grades 10-12)
Mrs. Dawn Tehonica
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5252   [email protected]

Ortiz to Rodriguez-L    (Grades 10-12)
Counselor – Mrs. Liayn Morris              
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5265  [email protected] 

Rodriguez-M to Var    (Grades 10-12)
Counselor – Mr. Craig Borrell
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5255   [email protected] 

Vas to Z      (Grades 10-12)
Counselor – Mr. Craig Smith
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5266   [email protected] 

College & Career Counselor     (Grades 9-12)

Mrs. Rina Duggan
Room: WAHS Library/Career Center
484-765-5272  [email protected]

Administrative Assistants

A to F   (Grades 9-12)
Ms. Barbara Blyden
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5261   [email protected] 

G to M   (Grades 9-12)
Ms. Aida Flaquer
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5259    [email protected]

N to S   (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Ann Phillips
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5254   [email protected] 

T to Z   (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Iddis Sanchez
Main Guidance Office, Room 1-108
484-765-5264   [email protected]