William AllenHigh School

9th Grade Administration

Ms. Jessica Milton, Assistant Principal

Email:   [email protected]
Phone:  484.765.5234
Last Names:  A - Hem

Ms. Jennette Segarra-Bennett, Secretary
Phone:  484.765.5292

Mr. Michael Bolinsky, Assistant Principal

Email:   [email protected]
Phone:  484.765.5236
Last Names:  Hen  - Rob

Ms. Allegra Billy, Secretary
Phone:  484.765.5290

Michael P. Bolinsky—Assistant Principal 

Hello William Allen High School Community!  I have had the pleasure of working at this school for almost 20 years now as a classroom teacher and administrator dating back to 2002.  Over the years my passion has grown to value and support all that is involved with urban education and how to enhance student success.  As a graduate from Bloomsburg University, I entered my career of education and have further developed my pathway with two Master’s programs through Wilkes University.   My current role as an Assistant Principal has placed me in a position to positively impact the many students, staff, and community members connected to William Allen.  The successes and challenges are what drives me to continue my quest as an educator and my goal is to keep forging ahead with the “what’s best for students” mindset.  When I am not at school, I appreciate spending time with my wife and two daughters and enjoy anything related to the outdoors, sports, or just being with my family.

Jessica Milton - Assistant Principal
Ms. Milton believes that students from all backgrounds deserve to have access to high quality and relevant education. With this foundation in mind, she earned her B.A. in Secondary Education-Social Studies from Temple University. She continued her pursuit of higher education by earning her M. Ed. from Cabrini College. Ms. Milton began her teaching career with the School District of Philadelphia and earned her Principal Certification through the state of Pennsylvania. During the past seven years Ms. Milton has served in the capacities of Assistant Principal, Education Director, and Principal for grades K-12 in charter, alternative, and public-school settings. She currently serves as the, 9th Grade Assistant Principal at William Allen High School. She enjoys world traveling, spending time with loved ones, and volunteering as a career mentor.