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Allentown Academy of the Arts at William Allen High School

In 1994, a group of teacher-artists at William Allen High School decided to link their strong existing programs in visual art, music and theatre, also adding a dance element.

One year later, the Allentown Academy of the Arts (AAA) at William Allen High School was established to provide a quality arts education to talented students.

The academy program provides students with concentrated study in their arts area and integrates it with state academic standards. This combination helps students grow creatively and intellectually as artists and people.

Studies have shown that the arts promote creative thinking and problem solving that transcend individual specialties and carry over into science, business and industry.

The advisory board for the Allentown Academy of the Arts Alliance was established in 1999 and is composed of art advocates, arts professionals and college and business representatives.

Our Mission

  • Promotion and marketing of the AAA;

  • Ensuring the continuation of intense programming;

  • Cultivating community support for the personnel, facilities, equipment and programming needs;

  • Forming alliances with local colleges and businesses to create opportunities for students.

An education in the arts is an education for life. For more information, parents, guardians and students of both Allentown high schools, contact Robert McFetridge at mcfetridger@allentownsd.org



2019-20 Advisory Board

Emily AtiyehArt Academy Student Representative
Joan Gaydos, ASD Retired Art Educator/ Artist, stemstudio@rcn.com
Susan Geise, ASD Parent / WAPTSA Founder, susangeise@aol.com 
Phoebe Harris,
ASD School Board/ Parent, msphoebe9@gmail.com
Lisa Hopstock, Community Music School,  lisa@cmslv.org
Ann Lalik,
Penn State Lehigh Valley, lisa@cmslv.org
Shannon Mayfield
, Principal, mayfields@allentownsd.org
Robert McFetridge, Academy Coordinator, mcfetridger@allentownsd.org 
John Pepper, Arts Educator/ Program Planner, Jpepper11@icloud.com
Debora Roberson, Roberson/Butz Architects, Debora@robersonbutz.com
Sylvia Roth, Artist, Kroth57013@gmail.com
William Sanders, Civic Theatre, wm@civictheatre.com
Susan Shipman
, Parent/Artist/ Treasurer, sgships@me.com
Bob Sperling, AAAA President/ Former ASD Director of Facilities, Bsperl8520@aol.com   
Wendy Stoudt, Artist / Gallery Owner, wendy_stoudt@gallery40.net
Daniel Taglioli, Owner Hava Java Coffee, coffee@hava-java.com
Alan C. Tjeltveit,
Muhlenberg College / ASD Parent, tjelt@muhlenberg.edu
Thomas Yuracka
, President, West Park Civic Association/ Agent-Berkshire Hathaway, Tjy1020@gmail.com