William AllenHigh School

10th - 12th Grade Administration

Mr. Jeremy Thatcher, Assistant Principal

Email:   [email protected]
Phone:  484.765.5171
Last Names:  A -DeLa

Ms. Carol Lane, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  484.765.5269

Ms. Nicole Singer, Assistant Principal
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  484.765.5170
Last Names:   DeJesus - I

Ms. Vernonia Cruz - Administrative Assistant
Phone:  484.765.5249

Nicole Singer is a professional woman who has passion for changing the lives of everyone she meets.  She believes that everyone has a special gift and the potential for greatness that she is ready and willing to help them achieve.  Nicole knew at a young age she wanted to be a teacher, but it wasn’t until high school and the powerful influence of the business teachers in her educational journey that led her to earn a BA in Business Education from Bloomsburg University.  Having the philosophy that education is an ongoing process and that we always have something to learn, she earned her M. Ed from Wilkes University in education.  Her desire to make a bigger impact in not only students’ lives but in the entire school community which led her to complete her Principal Certification at Bloomsburg University.  This spring she will pursue her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Baylor University.  Nicole has been in education for over 20 years teaching in public education in rural and urban settings, serving as an adjunct professor at Bloomsburg University and providing educational instruction in the state prison system.  When she isn’t at work, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family and her Pitbull/lab Bo, traveling, enhancing the lives of others through crafts, gardening, taking long walks, and cooking for friends and others. 

Bloomsburg University - BS in Business Education
Wilkes University - M. ED in Educational Leadership
Bloomsburg University - Certification of Educational Leadership

Mrs. Lisa Frankenfield Assistant Principal

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  484.765.5147
Last Names:   J-M;  Team 1, Team 1A

TBD, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  484.765.5269

Ms. Tracey Fountain Assistant Principal

Email:   [email protected]
Phone:  484.765.5047
Last Names:   N-R;

Ms. Sophia Fisher, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  484.765.5239

Mr. Brett Keeble Assistant Principal
Email:   [email protected]
Phone:  484.765.5236
Last Names:   S-Z;

Mrs. Chelsea Corey, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  484.765.5132