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William Allen HS Class of 1966 makes Memorial Gift to the ASD Foundation

William Allen HS Class of 1966 makes Memorial Gift to the ASD Foundation
Posted on 10/25/2021

October 22, 2021, Allentown, PA – The William Allen High School Class of 1966 made a $4,300 gift in memory of Ken and Gladys Cressman. The gift was presented to the Allentown School District Foundation in a gathering at the high school where Mr. Peter Moggio and Mr. Rick Stauffer spoke of their class president and friend of over 50 years, Ken Cressman. Both Dr. and Mrs. Cressman were members of the Class of 1966 who passed away within days of each other in the fall of 2020 as a result of Covid-19. The gift represents the remaining Class Reunion funds.

"Ken was the guy who did just about everything," said Mr. Stauffer regarding Dr. Cressman's role organizing their ten class reunions over 50 years. Dr. Cressman was remembered as a kind friend and giving person, as well as an outstanding athlete. Ken represented the Canaries as the linebacker, kick-off person, and field goal place kicker who put one through from 35 yards to win a Big 5 Championship in 1965. He was an all-state honorable mention athlete as well. Mr. Moggio explained that for as ferocious as Ken was on the field, his wife Gladys was equally the most sweet and endearing person. The Cressman's daughter, Ms. Cristi Krautzel attended the event. Responding to a comment about the family gene pool, she expressed pride in her parents and spoke of her two daughters, currently cross-country athletes at the club and varsity levels at Villanova University.

The Class of 1966 created and donated a memorial plaque that will be placed in the main hallway of the school near the portrait of their Principal, Mr. Clifford S. "Chips" Bartholomew. Interim principal Brandy Sawyer and Assistant Principal Corey Cowen hosted the event. ASDF Board President, Daniel Bosket, Vice President Angela Nolan, Secretary Maria Tjeltveit and WAHS graduate D'nese Sokolowski all attended representing the Foundation Board. The ASDF Board appreciates this generous gift to the Foundation.

Image of ASDF plaque presentationPictured Left to Right:

Rev. Maria Tjeltveit, ASDF Secretary; Daniel C. Bosket, ASDF President; Peter Moggio, Class of 1966; Rick Stauffer, Class of 1966; Christi Krautzel, Daughter of Honorees; Angela Nolan, ASDF Vice President; Dr. D'Nese Sokolowski, ASDF Board Member and WAHS alumna.

ASDF Plaque 2

Pictured Left to Right:

Brandy Sawyer, Interim Principal; Christi Krautzel, Daughter of Honorees; Peter Moggio, Class of 1966; Rick Stauffer, Class of 1966; Corey Cowen, Assistant Principal. Photographed in William Allen High School where the plaque will be placed near the portrait of former Principal "Chips" Bartholomew.


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