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ACT Test Dates & Registration Info

ACT Test Dates & Deadlines

ACT Test Date

Deadline with fee waiver

ACT Scores Available
(not including writing)

September 14, 2019

August 16th

September 28th

October 26, 2019

September 20th

November 9th

December 14, 2019

November 8th

December 28th

February 8, 2020

January 10th

February 22nd

April 4, 2020

February 28th

April 18th

June 13, 2020

May 8th

June 27th

July 18, 2020

June 19th

August 1st 


  • Request a fee waiver from your school counselor
  • Create an account on www.actstudent.org
  • Register for the test!
  • Free ACT Prep available on this site- “ACT Academy.”
  • Do not forget to “send your scores” to all the colleges you apply to. You can choose 4 schools at the time of registration to send your scores to for free.If you add schools later, they will charge a fee.
  • ACT Help Line:319-337-1270